Charities and useful Links

Our Facebook Page shows the activity of our busy club – please share!

RIBI is the link to find out about all the Rotary clubs of Great Britain and Ireland

Rotary District 1090 is the area that covers our club. Useful to find out where to go and what to do and what’s happening – newsy and informative, whether you are a member or not!

RYLA – Rotary Youth Leadership Awards. Every year we send young adults on this highly prestigious scheme

Helen & Douglas House hospice care for Children and Young Adults

Urology Cancer Research and Education

Infantile Nystagmus IN-Vision – Naomi Riches and the Rotary’s help support this small but vital charity into children’s eye research

Zoe Zambia is a small charity, helping to improve the lives of many orphaned children and poverty-stricken farmers in the villages of Eastern Zambia.

Ring Pull Challenge is a charity that gets Philippine Children off the rubbish tips and into school. The Gurkha Hut restaurant is in Stokenchurch and is our ‘gateway’ through to Nepal, Sahara UK and the Gurkhas.

Medical Detection Dogs. The power of dog’s noses to detect diseases such as diabetes and Prostate Cancer and investigation into Covid 19