Santa asks: Can you donate?

This year we are making our annual collection for Rotary charities through the streets of Bourne End, Cookham and Flackwell Heath and you can take a look at the routes to see if we come near. Even if you can’t see Santa, he can still come to you via a video message. Everyone who donates will see Santa’s video on the next page, and it’s yours to share with the kids in your family.

What can you afford to donate?


Make a donation with your payment card

We’re really grateful for anything you can donate to our supported charities this year. You’ll be sent to Santa’s Christmas message after you donate.

Additional information


We won’t use your contact details for any other purpose than to send you a confirmation of your donation, unless you tell us it’s ok by selecting such an option in the form. If you opt to allow us to collect Gift Aid on your donation, we will keep your address details for six years (but we won’t send you anything).

Gift Aid

If you confirm by answering the relevant questions in the form, we will apply for Gift Aid on your donation. This means we will receive an additional 25p for every £1 you donated. We follow these rules.

Thanks again.