How to get involved

Interested? Thought so!

If you would like to visit us, as a Rotarian or out of interest, just contact our Club Secretary -Maureen Campbell (01628 850595) or anyone listed here on the site. Learn more about the nuts and bolts of Rotary and how to join us by reading more about Rotary on this site. Rotary can be a great help in all walks of life, see this video on the new thinking in the clubs in the UK.

Become a full member with the knowledge that you are one of thousands of world-wide helpful friends!

Or you could become a Friend of Bourne End and Cookham Rotary Club which means you are included in our activities such as fund-raising and selected activities. This programme is for those who for one reason or another cannot make that full comittment but still have a lot to offer.  Ask Maureen for further details.


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