President Chris Whibley 2017 – 2018

Chris W

Chris always has had strong links within the community and although he still works hard in the financial sector he is a very active and inspirational part of our club. He is pursuing the Friends of Rotary program which allows helpful souls from the community to help with our activities, but who can’t for one reason or another become a full member of our club.

Chris Whibley still champions the wonderful cause of the Phillipine Ring-pull Project – an ongoing project to save ring pulls which are converted into highly desirable bags and fashion accessories, and helping get the children of the tips and into schools. Nepal Earthquake Disaster Aid through the Gurkhas is another of Chris’ passions through Mr. Navin Garung restaurateur and member of Sahara UK. Basically any help we give is managed by the Gurkha connection to help refurbish schools in the worst hit areas.     Come and join in with the fun!


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